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The owner of a property in Poole contacted Prokil to address concerns with damp in the kitchen area of their property. There were signs of blistering paintwork and damaged plaster as well as water pooling in the garage.


Prokil arranged for one of their specialist damp surveyors to attended in order to investigate the cause of the damp problem. After using different types of Protimeter and wood moisture meters the client was advised that a leak from the pipe work which is embedded in the concrete floor of the kitchen was most likely causing the problems. A third party plumbing firm was then able to find the leak and fix it. Water from the leak had spread to the walls leading to the heavy decorative spoiling.

What we did

Our highly skilled technicians were sent to the property to remedy the affected damp plasterwork. This included injecting a new chemical damp proof course (DPC) in to the wall, installing a membrane and then applying plaster board. The area was then finished with a multi finish plaster skim.


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