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Prokil were contacted by the owner of a property in Bournemouth to find out why mould was growing on the external walls of the lounge. After being given the brief that this home was suffering with mould, we knew it was very likely that condensation damp treatment would be required. The homeowner not only wanted to eradicate the mould’s unsightly appearance from the walls, it was also important to prevent further damage from occurring.

Damp Survey Findings

Before carrying out any remedial work, one of our trained Prokil damp specialists in Bournemouth visited the property to investigate the cause of the problem. Upon arrival, our surveyor saw large amounts of mould on the walls. Specialist instruments were used to ascertain the exact source of the problem. It was found that internal humidity levels were too high due to a lack of ventilation and poor heating management. This confirmed that condensation damp and mould treatment would be required in order to fix the problem. Excess moisture in the air was condensing at the coldest part of the rooms; this condensed moisture then created the perfect environment for the mould to grow.

Getting to Work

Once the cause of the problem had been determined, our professionally qualified technicians installed a Passive Air Ventilation (PAV) system into the lounge. This type of condensation damp treatment helps to expel excess airborne moisture by having a permanent opening in the wall through to the outside. They further benefit from having special filters within them to prevent cold air and excessive noise from entering the property. Our damp specialists in Bournemouth also applied a specially formulated surface biocide to treat the mould present on the walls. Whilst completing the work, the homeowner was kept informed of each and every stage of the process. We also offer a fast turnaround and full clean-up service, ensuring this home was back to normal as soon as possible.

The Finished Result

Our condensation and mould solutions at this property has made a world of difference to the overall living conditions and structure of this property. If left untreated, the mould could have developed further and caused more severe structural damage.

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