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Published: 10 October 2022



Ms. J contacted her local Prokil branch, Head Office in Bournemouth, to conduct a low-level remedial damp proofing plasterwork to the external walls of the dining room.

Our expert Damp and Timber surveyor, Jason Syrett, went to visit the property for a full inspection, using different types of protimeter.



During the external observation, Jason did not detect any visual signs causing issues to the external walls, which should not affect the internal walls of the property.

Although no visual signs of damp appeared on the external walls, high readings were detected along with obvious visual contamination on the internal walls of the dining room.

Jason stated “this is likely to be caused by the cavity walls being bridged above the Damp Proof Course (DPC) via rubble and other foreign materials such as cavity wall insulation. This could also be due to a DPC failure due to a change or movement of the property layout resulting in rising damp.”

This phenomenon causes the debris in the cavity walls to soak up groundwater. When the moisture evaporates, it deposits salts and minerals which then contaminate the walls and plaster.

Work carried out:


Drummond road case study beforeVisible rising damp patches on the dining room wall. This is how this area of the dining room was found originally.





Step 1:

The site was suitably prepared with an impact-resistant protective floor covering. Contaminated plasterwork and skirting boards were removed from the affected area. 

A waterproof membrane was added after DPC injection in some areas of the walls, and tanking slurry was applied, depending on the wall’s depth.




Step 2:

Plasterboard adhered to the waterproof membrane and a scratch coat was applied after the tanking slurry mix.

Finished result:

The treated areas were finished with a multi-finish plaster and skirting boards were reinstated, leaving the area ready to be decorated by the customer or others. All rubbish was removed.



For more information about our damp proof course survey and rising damp, please feel free to contact our lovely team. 

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