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Published: 30 November 2021


Mr H of Brighton contacted Prokil to inspect his cellar including a coal chute and coal store as he would like to convert the area into a usable space.

Basement Survey Findings

Simon Hetherton Prokil Brighton SurveyorSimon Hetherton, our Damp and Timber Surveyor visited the property to commence the full investigation of the basement as requested.

Internally using different types of Protimeter, tests were carried out to all accessible internal walls to check for any abnormalities in the plaster. There was evidence of penetrating damp affecting this property with elevated levels of moisture readings detected in the basement. The defects externally are allowing moisture to pass through the fabric of the building, bringing with it salts that disrupt the decorative finish of the plasterwork internally. The main cause of the high moisture is the property being situated below ground without an adequate waterproofing system in place.

Basement Survey Recommendations

Following the basement inspection, Simon submitted his report to Mr H recommending a full ‘Type C’ waterproofing system be installed where no water penetration is acceptable. Simon also recommended the cellar should have adequate heating and ventilation to reduce the possible effects of condensation in these areas.

The report included a detailed breakdown of the costs to install the recommended basement full ‘Type C’ waterproofing system. Mr F instructed Prokil to carry out all the works recommended in the survey and quote.

Basement Waterproofing System Installation

Step 1:

A channel was excavated, and a perimeter cavity drain was laid around the cellar with rodding points leading to the sump chamber.

Step 2:

A sump chamber with a pump connected to an alarm system was installed, dispensing to a drain.

Step 3:

A specialist floor cavity drain membrane (CDM) was laid on the floor throughout the cellar covered and finished with chipboard.

Step 4:

A specialist wall cavity drain membrane (CDM) with lathe was secured to all walls either at full height connecting to or exceeding the existing DPC.

Step 5:

The coal store had a cementitious slurry applied to the area.

Step 6:

All rubbish was removed and areas were left clean and tidy for Mr. H to decorate after the appropriate drying time.

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