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Published: 18 July 2023


Our team was tasked to survey a residential property in Bournemouth. The homeowner had been grappling with mould growth and bubbling in their internal decorative finishes, and were hoping we would be able to provide a solution.

Damp survey findings:

During our initial inspection, we determined that the main culprit was condensation in the affected area of the property. We discussed our findings with the owner and recommended a follow-up visit during warmer months to confirm whether condensation was the only contributing factor.

During our second visit, it became clear that the area in question was also being affected by rising damp. This was caused by the absence of an effective physical damp proof course (DPC), which is usually installed during construction to keep moisture from rising through the wall to cause damp.

After discussing our findings with the client, they gave us the green light to proceed with the scope of work we had suggested.

mould and damp on inside of wall caused by poor condensation and rising damp

Remedial work carried out:

Step 1:

We came back on a later date to begin the work. Our first step was to remove and properly dispose of all the damp-affected timber and plasterwork, revealing the base materials underneath.

Step 2:

Next, we injected a high-quality chemical DPC directly into the wall of the building. The formulation we used contained water-repelling agents that forms a strong barrier against rising damp.

Once the DPC was dry, we filled the holes with mortar and carefully fitted plasterboard over them, getting everything ready for the next round of plastering.

Step 3:

Finally, we upgraded the thermal properties of the area. This step not only tackled condensation problems but also boosted insulation, creating a more comfortable space and significantly decreasing the chances of future damp and mould issues.

replastering after chemical damp proof course

Finished result:

After wrapping up the job and tidying up any remaining materials, the property was left free from any traces of damp and mould.

Facing damp issues in your own Bournemouth property? Reach out to our expert team today! We’ll schedule a visit at your convenience to survey the situation and figure out the scope and cause of the issue.

After our assessment, we’ll lay out a comprehensive plan to replace any affected materials and shield your property from further damage. You’ll be able to relax, safe in the knowledge your home is a safe haven once again.

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