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At Prokil, one of the most common problems that we find ourselves dealing with is due to poor ventilation in Southampton properties. What many don’t realise however is that the solution is relatively simple. Our company are specialists in providing cutting-edge treatments as well as preventative measures to cure your property of mould and condensation.

Condensation typically occurs in rooms with high levels of moisture, particularly rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. If you are noticing water droplets forming on the inside of your windows, then this is a clear indication that your property is receiving insufficient air flow. When condensation occurs, you must act quickly by contacting our professional staff without delay.

If left unchecked, condensation can trigger mould to grow and spread throughout the porous surfaces of your home or business. Not only does this look unsightly but it can also seriously affect your health, especially those with existing allergies.

Our crack team will respond from our Southampton office in a prompt fashion. From Eastleigh to Fareham, Hythe, Winchester, Romsey and beyond our staff are always just a phone call away.


How can you improve the ventilation in your Southampton home?

Improving the ventilation in your home can have a huge impact, and it’s not exactly rocket science either. This will have a fantastic knock on effect by reducing the risk of mould and creating a healthier environment in which to live.

At Prokil, we recommend the following methods to all of our Southampton customers:

  • Open your windows for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Reduce time taken in the shower or bath
  • Using lids when cooking with pots and pans
  • Installing extractor fans in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms

If followed, these recommendations should help to reduce the levels of condensation in your home and by extension combat the ingress of mould. However, the only real way to eliminate condensation entirely is by tracking down the main source of the problem.

Prokil – the ventilation and condensation experts in Southampton

If the above steps have proven ineffective in resolving your condensation issues then you will likely require the skilled services of Prokil Southampton. We will use the extensive range of our experience to identify the source of your condensation. We can also provide effective treatments that will neutralise the mould build up in your home and eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Make damp and mould a thing of the past with the amazing services afforded to you by Prokil Southampton.


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Poor ventilation can lead to a series of problems…

…including condensation, damp issues, increased humidity and interior climate imbalance.

There are also various other issues that can be attributed to poor ventilation. For instance, wet rot and woodworm are also caused by moisture levels.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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