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Prokil provides quick and efficient dry rot treatments in Southampton. If you suspect your property has dry rot, contact the team now and do not waste time. Dry rot is extremely destructive and will cause failure in your wooden structure if it left untreated.

Dry rot is caused by the Serpula Lacrymans fungus which leads to a rapid decay of wooden areas and in particular timber structure. The fungus also targets properties with temperatures starting from 20 degrees and humid areas.

How to recognise dry rot

Dry rot can be identified by these signs:

  • A odour that is mushroom like
  • Fungal spores
  • Mycelium – white and fluffy fungus
  • Yellow timber spots (low humid environments)
  • Cracked and shrinking timber

How we treat dry rot

At Prokil, we provide a variety of treatments to treat cases of dry rot in Southampton properties. The first step in treating dry rot in your property is to arrange a Prokil inspection so that we can work out the scale of the problem. We strongly recommend that dry rot is treated without delay as it will spread with a potentially disastrous effect for your property.

The team will quickly work out the location of the dry rot, the scale of the dry rot and causes behind it. A key cause in many properties is a source of moisture, if we discover this we will endeavour to remove it as quickly as possible. We will remove all contaminated woods and replace it with wood that has been treated; the team will treat wood that has not been infected with fungicide treatments.


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Preventing dry rot

At Prokil, we provide a selection of dry rot treatments that will prevent and treat dry rot in many properties across Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth and more. With 50 years of experience, Prokil has identified and treated dry rot in properties across the South of England.

If you suspect dry rot to exist within your home, contact Prokil today as soon as possible or risk losing your property.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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