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Wet rot is a serious problem that can affect buildings that feature a wood structure. It is vital that you contact Prokil immediately if you have noticed any signs of damp in your home, as it will lead to wet rot. If you allow the wet rot problem to worsen, irreversible damage could occur to the structure of your building. For solutions to all wet rot Salisbury problems, get in touch with Prokil today.

Warning signs that your property has wet rot

Wet Rot Salisbury

Fortunately, there are many signs that you can look for when inspecting your home for wet rot. If you are unsure whether there is wet rot in your property but it is feeling more damp than usual, give our team a call. It is far better for us to investigate and not find dry rot, than it is to ignore the situation and it worsens beyond repair.

Some of the warning signs that there is a wet rot Salisbury property issue include:

  • Excess water emerging from timber when pressure is applied
  • Floorboards begin to move when you walk on top them
  • Timber that darkens or bleaches in colour (dependent on the fungus type)
  • Damp musty smell
  • Painted wood begins to flake away
  • Sawdust-like substance appearing next to timber panels
  • Wood has become soft to the touch

Our effective Prokil treatment

At Prokil, we have a successful treatment method for eradicating wet rot in Salisbury. We will provide your property with our inventive preventative measures, and fix the issue at the source. We will rectify any damage that the wet rot has caused to your Salisbury home, so once we have finished our job, it will be as if there was never any wet rot in the first place.

Even if there is not wet rot in your Salisbury property, but there is damp, the issue will definitely lead to wet rot. Make sure you are proactive by hiring our team at Prokil to complete an effective waterproofing of the timber in your home. The waterproofing will protect the wood from a possibility of coming into contact with moisture, so we will stop the possibility of wet rot occurring before it actually has time to.


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Salisbury wet rot issues

Wet rot is caused by various types of fungi attaching itself to timber. The most universal fungi type to produce wet rot is Coniophora Putena, which is more commonly known as cellar fungus. The fungus occurs when water infiltrates your property structure; which can be a result of flooding, damaged windows, or faulty plumbing, to name just a few examples.

When the timber is allowed to have a build-up of moisture, the integral structure of your property is compromised, and there is a worrying possibility that your home could collapse. Wet rot can destroy a Salisbury property in as little as 60 days, so what are you waiting for; arrange your survey with Prokil today.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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