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Is your property suffering from excess moisture? If you have a problem with condensation, Reading homeowners should look no further than Prokil. We provide a first class service to help reduce condensation and improve the quality of ventilation in your building dramatically.

What is condensation?

A key cause of condensation is moisture build up on external walls and windows. When the warm moisture in the air cools, it can condense on any surface of your Reading property, including clothing, curtains, linen, and upholstery. It can occur in properties of all ages, whether it’s a domestic home, commercial office, or industrial warehouse.

Symptoms of condensation Condensation Readingin Reading include:

  • Beads of water on windows
  • Damp patches on ceilings and in the corners of rooms
  • Black/green spots appearing on walls
  • Mould formation
  • Flaking paintwork

If any of the above are present in your Reading property, you could have a condensation problem. If this is the case, do not hesitate to call Prokil and we will ensure the problem is solved quickly and efficiently. When you get in touch, we will arrange to carry out a site survey, during which we will thoroughly assess the issue and determine the best solution.

Our Reading condensation treatments

We alleviate condensation in your home by implementing a high-quality ventilation and heat management system. At Prokil, we offer two industry-approved ventilation treatments that effectively reduce the levels of condensation in any property in Reading.

Passive Air Vents (PAVs)

One of our most popular methods of eliminating condensation in Reading is with our Passive Air Vents (PAVs). In some cases, our passive air vents have managed to expel up to two and a half litres of water from a property in one day. PAVs do not run on electricity and can be left on 24 hours a day for maximum effect.

Positive Pressure Ventilation System (PPVS)

Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems omit specially filtered heated air to reduce the levels of condensation in your Reading property. They introduce fresh air at a constant rate in order to produce noticeable results in a short space of time. This is a fast and effective way to dehumidify your building and remove the stale air, leaving a fresh and dry living environment.

Why choose Prokil?

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have helped hundreds of customers eliminate damp and mould issues in their homes and workplaces. It is not just our clients who will happily reassure you of our condensation and ventilation services across Reading. We have accreditations with many reputable organisations in the damp and timber preservation industry such as the Property Care Association and many more.

Each member of staff at Prokil has an extensive knowledge of the causes and symptoms of condensation and how best to treat them. All surveyors we send out are CRST qualified and will tailor their services to suit the problem at hand. We will also give advice on how best to prevent damp patches and mould from forming again in the future.

No matter how big or small your condensation issue may be, we will be able to provide a professional remedial treatment. We cover all areas of Reading so no matter where you are based, look no further than Prokil for your damp and timber preservation needs.

Contact us

Put a stop to your moisture problems with our condensation Reading services and call Prokil on 0118 327 3160 for a quote and survey.

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