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Dry Rot Treatment in ReadingĀ Rusting Wall Ties Bournemouth

Dry rot is never something to be taken lightly and at Prokil, we have the professional skills and expertise necessary to protect your home from its nasty effects. Dry rot can thrive in humid conditions and if allowed to flourish can cause catastrophic damage to your home. If you believe for one moment that your home is affected, do not delay, call Prokil today.

How will I know if my Reading home has dry rot?

The good news about dry rot is that it is relatively easy to spot and if caught quickly enough treatment and prevention is straightforward. If you spot any of the following signs, it is imperative that you act:

  • Spores
  • Shrinking and cracking
  • Yellowish spots on the wood surface (lower humidity)
  • Musty odour
  • Visible fungus known as Mycelium (higher humidity)

If you notice the presence of a musty odour accompanied by overly large spores this typically means that severe damage has already been incurred.

How will Prokil treat the dry rot?

At Prokil, we will carefully assess the condition of your timber checking for any of the above signs. Should dry rot be present and not treated the effects could be devastating. Once we have ascertained the severity of the dry rot infestation as well as its source, typically moisture, we can go to work removing and treating the affected areas.

Our skilled Reading team will remove the affected timber and apply an industry grade fungicide to kill off any dry rot that is present. This process also includes unaffected timber as no traces of the dry rot must remain once treatment has been completed.

At Prokil, we can supply the correct treatments as well as maintenance of your property to avert any further occurrence of dry rot. If you suspect that your Reading home has been infested with dry rot, call the dry rot specialists at Prokil today.


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Preventing dry rot

At Prokil, we provide a selection of dry rot treatments that will prevent and treat dry rot in many properties across Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth and more. With 50 years of experience, Prokil has identified and treated dry rot in properties across the South of England.

If you suspect dry rot to exist within your home, contact Prokil today as soon as possible or risk losing your property.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, pleaseĀ contact us.

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