Woodworm Treatment in Poole

Are you worried that your property might be suffering from woodworm? Worry no more as Prokil provide a complete woodworm treatment Poole service for both domestic and commercial properties. We also provide surveys for properties in the area.

Expert woodworm treatment in Poole

Woodworm treatment PooleWoodworm is not a type of worm but refers to a group of beetles in the larvae stage that infest timbers. The type of wood used in your property and the wood’s moisture levels will attract different beetles.

At Prokil, we have perfected our woodworm treatment in Poole service over the last 50 years. If you suspect your property has woodworm, call our team today for a survey of your property. Our skilled surveyors are experienced in spotting the signs that indicate a woodworm infestation. Once the survey has been completed, we will email you a report of our findings and recommendations to tackle woodworm in your Poole property.

Tell-tale signs of woodworm

Knowing whether your property is suffering from woodworm or a different timber-related issues can be tricky when you haven’t got the specialist know-how. Timber shows very similar signs for a whole range of issues. However, if your home is showing any of the below symptoms, you should contact Prokil for us to do a complete assessment:

  • Dead beetles
  • Round holes of various sizes appearing in the timber
  • Dust or powder (frass) appearing near the timber holes
  • The holes in the wood feature tunnels
  • Damaged or crumbling timber

Types of woodworm

There are several different forms of woodworm, the kind your home suffers from depends on the type of wood your home features, and the moisture levels. Your property may have been infested by the following types of woodworm:

  • Common Furniture Beetle (anobium punctatum)
  • Deathwatch Beetle (xestobium rufuvillosum)
  • House Longhorn Beetle (hylotrupes bajulus)
  • Powder Post Beetle (lyctus brunneus)
  • Waney Edge Borer (ernobium mollis)
  • Wood Boring Weevils

Why choose Prokil’s Poole woodworm treatments

Prokil is the only company that you need to know about when you want an effective treatment for woodworm. Our family-run company has been in operation for the past 50 years. During this time, we have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering services that restore Poole properties back to their original state.

You can trust Prokil to deliver an exceptional job because we are members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and hold a CRST qualification. Our engineers are also certified in CSSW and CTIS, which provided them with the skills and knowledge to successfully diagnose and fix woodworm, damp, and other timber problems.

Unlike other woodworm treatment specialists, when we visit your site to complete a survey, we never charge for this service. At Prokil, we are so confident in our woodworm treatment service working perfectly, that we give our customers a 20 year guarantee.

Book your survey today

If you think your home might have woodworm, don’t delay and contact Prokil today on 01202 515566 for the best woodworm treatment Poole has to offer.

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