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Rising damp is a surprisingly common phenomenon that describes dampness which begins at ground level and slowly rises. This structural infuriation occurs because many building materials are porous, meaning they soak up water like a sponge. This “soaking up” force is stronger than gravity, slowly causing water to rise. Buildings with a damp proof course (dpc), a material or treatment that was installed near to the ground level of a building should normally stop rising damp. However, with some areas in the UK receiving 3,000 mm of rain water every year, the damp proof course can fail, break or not simply not be enough.

History of rising damp

Rising damp has been hurting structures for centuries, the Roman architect Vitruvius even identified it in 1st Century BC. He developed an early type of damp-proof course as well as other rising damp treatments. The Victorians were in fact damp proofing specialists and introduced an act in 1875 for mandatory damp proof course in buildings.

How to spot and identify rising damp

While it is always best to call in the rising damp experts, the easiest way to spot rising damp is to identify “tide marks”. These are wavy discolourations and disfigurations in the lower parts of the wall. These different stains that appear just above the skirting board are caused by the water and the minerals in the water evaporating.

How can I treat rising damp?

Damp removal can be tricky and we advise against treating rising damp yourself. You should bring in the damp proofing experts, who will help you choose the best damp treatment. Prokil can fix broken or damaged damp proof courses by injecting a chemical DPC into the wall; this work is always completed to the highest possible standards. Additionally Prokil remove the affected contaminated plaster and treat the walls before applying specialist damp proofing materials.

All our customers are protected by the Prokil Guarantee, which is valid for 20 years for all new chemical damp proof courses.

Prokil damp specialists offer a free, no obligation damp survey. If you have identified rising damp in your house yourself, book a visit from one of our damp proofing specialists on 01202 515566 or by email.

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