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Here are five of the best tricks of the trade

Without further ado, lets get straight into our top five tips for a successful cellar/basement conversion!

1. There are a couple of obvious problems with basement/cellar conversions – lack of light and head height. These can be improved but most cellars will never be the lightest, tallest spaces. This usually means digging down below the existing floor level and removing lots of earth – an expensive task that can reveal hidden problems. If the rooms directly above the cellar have high ceilings, raising the floor in these rooms to create more head height in the cellar below may be an easier option than digging down.

2. Converting a cellar is more difficult if the house foundations prove to be shallow, which is often the case. The house will typically have to be underpinned, which isn’t always cheap.

3. Another problem with cellar conversions is making them watertight. If you choose to dive in and just use a builder, it’s always a good idea to use a specialist damp-proofing/tanking company like Prokil as well, because you don’t want to risk the conversion not being watertight.

4. Planning permission is usually required for basement/cellar conversions, not least because most involve a light well being dug in the front garden. This shouldn’t pose a problem in most cases, but it is definitely something to keep in mind when considering a conversion

5. Use a professional. A conversion is not something to be taken lightly, so invest in an expert like Prokil who can guide you through the process stage by stage alongside an idea of cost. This should give you the perfect end result with half the stress of doing it alone!

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