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If you have the space underground, should you be using it?

Basement conversions are fast becoming the hot topic in the building and refurbishment industry, with more people deciding to kit out their downstairs space than their loft or attic.

There are a number of factors to consider before tackling a conversion; such as the amount of space you have, the structural work needed to ensure safety and what you actually want to do with the space.

Loft conversions are almost exclusively linked with an additional bedroom, which can be perfect for a growing family that needs that extra bed but are settled in their home and aren’t keen on relocating. With basements however, the range of options available is huge.

There is scope for just a tidy up of your ground floor, adding a cloakroom for example or maybe an additional lavatory.

Alternatively, you could look to use your basement for extra living space, turning it into a full bathroom, personal office space or games room for your children. Moving one of your existing ground floor rooms down into your basement frees up that additional space, and that in turn can be used for a different purpose if you wish.

Not only do you gain from the extra room a conversion can provide, you could also benefit from a financial boost. Adding a basement conversion, if done correctly, can add up to 30% of your property value – a huge boost.

Conversions aren’t cheap, but they can provide some great benefits that a loft conversion cannot match.

With all that said, basement conversions are not straightforward. Unless you are an all-knowing architect, builder, damp-proofer and excavation expert – call the specialists, call Prokil!

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