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Approximately 15% of homes in the UK are affected by mould, which amounts to around 5,750,000 homes. And with its potential health consequences, it’s something any homeowner will want to remove as soon as possible.

However, to successfully remove mould from your property, a professional mould removal service is key.

As a leading property care team, Prokil are experts at removing mould from your property once and for all and know the many advantages of using a professional mould removal service.

Benefits of professional mould removal service

Hiring a professional mould removal service to remove mould from your home has several key benefits:

Thorough Inspection

A professional mould removal service will include a comprehensive inspection to locate mould growth in hidden or hard-to-reach areas. This helps prevent recurrence by addressing the root cause of mould growth, such as hidden leaks or moisture sources.

Effective Removal and Treatment

As trained experts, a professional mould removal service will employ advanced techniques and products for mould removal and treatment. They ensure the complete elimination of visible mould and take measures to inhibit future growth.

Safe and proper handling

Handling mould requires precautions to prevent health risks. Professionals use appropriate safety gear, containment methods, and specialised equipment to ensure safe removal without spreading spores to unaffected areas in your home.

Preservation of Property

Improper removal attempts can damage surfaces and spread mould further. Professionals use appropriate methods to minimise property damage during removal, preserving the integrity of surfaces and structures.

Identification of Underlying Issues

Experts not only remove the visible mould but also identify and address underlying issues causing mould growth, such as poor ventilation, leaks, or high humidity levels. They may also be able to advise how to deal with these issues so you can deal with them and prevent future mould problems.

Risks of mould if it isn’t removed

Not removing mould from a property has several risks to those living in the home.

The most common issue of mould is respiratory problems, such as trouble breathing, a tight chest, coughing, and even wheezing. While they will start mild, prolonged exposure to mould in the home can make them chronic.

If you suffer from certain health conditions already, such as asthma, you may experience more severe reactions or more frequent attacks.

Skin rashes are another common health issue caused by mould in a property. These are allergic reactions to the mould spores, commonly presenting as dry, red and cracked skin, hives (a raised, itchy red rash) or itchy, red eyes (conjunctivitis).

Similar to respiratory problems, those already prone to experiencing eczema or other underlying skin conditions are more prone to reacting to mould in this way.

Aside from physical health issues for adults, living in a home with mould can also cause mental health issues. A study suggested that those living with mould can often experience depression due to the stress they feel from having a home with mould. Knowing the consequences of mould and the uncertainty of how to remove it can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of depression or anxiety.

While these consequences for adults are concerning, they are often manageable. Babies and young children are slightly more at risk of mould in a home as it can be hazardous if the toxins are eaten, touched or breathed in by a baby or young child.

All types of mould could cause respiratory problems, similar to adults, such as wheezing and coughing. Babies might also show an allergy to mould through symptoms such as sneezing, a sore mouth or throat, stuffy or runny nose and red and itchy eyes.

Why choose our professional mould removal service?

Prokil offers an effective professional mould removal service that will remove mould and ensure your property becomes a safe and dry space for those living there.

By choosing Prokil, you’ll benefit from the following:


We have been providing a professional mould removal service for over 50 years, so we have comprehensive knowledge of mould types, causes and treatments. Our experience also ensures that we have the right tools and training to provide an effective service that will remove mould from your home completely and prevent it from coming back.


Through our experience, we’ve gained invaluable expertise and knowledge on mould and its treatments. This means that we can accurately assess the extent of the mould issue, identify the type of mould present, and employ effective strategies for removal.

Quick and efficient service

We know what we are doing, so work as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption to your life while ensuring that we do a thorough job to prevent mould from growing back. We will also clean up the area, ensuring it is sanitised, deodorised, and restored to a safe living condition, and take the hazardous waste with us for disposal.

Accredited service

Our team are accredited, so you can be assured that they have up-to-date training and knowledge on how to treat and remove mould from your property in a way that will prevent it from growing back once they leave.

We’re also able to provide preventative damp-proofing treatments and solutions, such as damp-proofing course or plastering as well as ventilation systems, across the south of England.

Don’t let mould continue to grow in your home – hire our professional mould removal service today. Book a survey online or call us on 0800 048 9488!

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