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Read this article to find out the main differences between dry rot and wet rot and how you can treat the problem.

After water damage is found in your home, fungal decay (dry rot or wet rot) should be an immediate concern, and it’s important to understand the differences in order to identify and treat them.

Dry Rot

Dry rot (despite its name) does actually require the presence of moisture! Usually, dry rot occurs in spaces that aren’t readily apparent to those living in your home. For example underneath flooring, in the attic, window surrounds, or behind panelling. Unfortunately, dry rot is often not identified until the affected areas are already weakened. Dry rot occurs in all types of wood and masonry surfaces.

Identification is the important first step – a musty, wet odour, with brown, dry and brittle timber that may crumble or flake off when touched. White or grey strands, of fungus may be growing in an outward direction. Also there is often a rust coloured dust that present around the general area where a dry rot has formed.

Wet Rot

Wet rot is usually seen in areas of consistent moisture, requiring as it does a significantly increased moisture level to grow. Therefore, wet rot occurs in areas in the vicinity of a leaking roof or pipes, or on window sills that have not been properly sealed, under washing machines that have not been plumbed properly, or moisture access points around timbers in roof voids. Areas where moisture is regularly allowed to remain for an extended amount of time. Normally, once the source of moisture is removed wet rot will not continue to grow. There will need to be repairs to any damage areas but the fungus itself will stop growing.

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