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How to avoid moisture in your home

With the cold and dark days of winter looming, how can you avoid condensation problems in your home?

The daily routine most people have brings them into contact with a lot of moisture. Showering, cooking, boiling a kettle – it all adds up.

An average family of 4 will contribute around 4 pints of water per person PER DAY! If windows are closed, this is a lot of moisture that has nowhere to go.

In years gone by, homes would suffer from draughts. These were caused by badly fitted windows or doors that would allow colder fresh air into the room. This used to be a pain for the residents, but it would actually help to ventilate the home and replenish the stale air inside. Now windows and doors are fitted perfectly and cavity wall insulation is so good, these draughts no longer exist and moisture cannot escape.

With winter coming and windows staying firmly closed, controlling the levels of moisture in your home can be difficult. However, there are three simple ways that you can help reduce the likelihood of condensation in your home:

  • Make use of the extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom to pump out the moist air.
  • Add insulation to your walls so that they remain at a higher temperature above the dew point of the air inside.
  • Ensure there is ventilation throughout the home, even if it means having window or door vents open.

These simple changes can help to prevent condensation occurring, but there are no guarantees – no home is 100% safe from condensation.

For more information on preventing condensation and ensuring good ventilation in your home, contact Prokil today.

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