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Moisture is everywhere. Excess moisture potentially cause mold; and mold will spread everywhere, unless treated.

If you see black, green or grey spots or marks on your walls or other hard surfaces, this is likely mould. In most cases, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth or use a mould removal product, that’s a short term fix but it won’t find the root cause of the mould or stop it from coming back.

If you have a mold issue, we would recommend to check every area of your home, including the areas you would not think mould could reach such as the back of your wardrobe or on your curtain lining. 

If you have a persistent mould problem in your home then it’s best to get mould removal experts. At Prokil, our mould surveyors can diagnose the issue and provide a suitable remedy to stop it from coming back.  


Feel free to check our newest FAQ on – why is mould growing in my home, this should help on preventing future issues. 

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