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Published: 7 September 2023


The Prokil team were recently called out to a residential property in Southampton. The homeowner had noticed water leaking into their residence during heavy rainfall, and requested that we inspect their home to identify and resolve the source of the leakage.

Waterproofing System in a Basement in Southampton

Work carried out:

Step 1:

During our first inspection, we pinpointed the main issue causing the problems: the existing waterproofing system had failed. We had a conversation with the owner and suggested replacing it with a newer and more effective option, which they agreed to.

As the owner planned to convert their basement into a cinema room in the near future, we needed to adjust our waterproofing system design accordingly. The owner provided us with architect plans so we could do this. We also met with the architect and builder on site to compile proposed plans for the basement and decide on the best process for the planned work.

Step 2:

Once the plan was set in stone and the homeowner had given us the go-ahead, we returned to start on the work itself. We removed the affected materials and the old, failed system and installed a cavity drain membrane system (type C) with a sump and dual pump system in their place.

We chose this new system for its effectiveness in below-ground structures which are used as living accommodation (grade 3 environment). It complies with BS8102: 2022, which is the standard for the protection of below-ground structures against water ingress.

Step 3:

After we finished installing the new system, we tested it carefully to make sure it was working as it should. The client’s third party contractors then arrived to do the floor and wall finishes and complete the project.

Finished result:

By the end of the process, the property was left clean and protected against any future water leakage. It’s now fully safe for the homeowner to proceed with their renovation work.

If you’re struggling with water ingress issues in your own Southampton property, don’t worry – our expert team are here to help! Get in touch with us today, and we’ll schedule a visit at your convenience to assess the situation and identify the extent and cause of the problem. After our evaluation, we’ll present you with a comprehensive plan to replace any affected materials and safeguard your property from further harm. You can relax knowing your home will soon be a safe, dry place for you and your loved ones once more.

Basement in Southampton

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