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Published: 8 December 2023


The damp-proofing specialists at Prokil were recently called out to a residential property in Beaminster. The homeowner contacted us as there was decorative spoiling on a wall containing a chimney breast.

Water had been leaking into the chimney stack, causing internal damp issues in the kitchen and adjoining wall in the dining room. Having had the chimney inspected, the chimney stack was removed.

Decorative spoiling in Beaminster

Decorative spoiling on a wall in Beaminster

Work carried out:

Step 1:


Once the chimney stack had been taken out, and the underlying cause removed along with it, our team were able to go in and deal with the internal decorative spoiling that had been left behind.

The initial phase encompassed the delicate removal of existing plaster from both wall facets, exposing the raw brickwork for subsequent treatment.

Removing the plaster back to brickwork

Waterproof membrane attached to the wall


Step 2:

Efficiently disposing of the damaged plaster, our next step was the application of a two-tier waterproofing strategy. The process started with the injection of a chemical damp-proof course. This is a long-term barrier to reducing the risk of rising damp in the home.

Following this, a robust waterproof membrane was fixed to the walls against potential water ingress to prevent moisture from penetrating the internal walls.

Step 3:

With the waterproofing system in place, we tested it rigorously to ensure the homeowners would not experience a similar problem in the future.

Happy that the damp-proofing course and waterproof membrane were functioning as they should be, we were able to finish our involvement by adding a plasterboard and a skim coat of multi-finish plaster.

Plasterboard adhered to the affected walls

Skim coat of multi-finish plaster

Finished result:

The end result was a water-proof wall that showed no sign of previous internal decorative spoiling.

With the new multi-finish plastering on, the wall was now ready for the homeowners to paint, ready to enjoy using their kitchen and dining room again.

If you have internal decorative damage from a water leak in your property, get in touch with the Prokil team today! We can schedule a visit at a date and time that suits you to survey the damage and discuss a plan of action with you.

Once a repair plan is in place, we will create a further comprehensive plan to outline protective measures for the rest of your property while the work is being carried out.

Our team are damp proofing specialists who can deal with the various types of mould, including rising damp, condensation damp and penetrating damp.

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