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Published: 04 August 2022


Neil Harrold

Mr. M, a homeowner in Eastbourne, has contacted Prokil Tunbridge Wells as he found areas of his house contaminated by damp. Neil Harrold, our Damp and Timber expert surveyor visited the property for a full inspection, using different types of protimeter. 

Arriving at the property, Neil Harrold had run an external diagnosis of the house first to identify any signs of spillage or leaks. 


Customer review:

The job done by Prokil Tunbridge Wells was done within 13 days timeframe as requested by the customer. Mr. M recognised and was very happy with Neil’s knowledge and informative personality along with the technicians’ efficiency and punctuality. 

Mr. M’s full review on Checkatrade: 

“Neil did a survey for us and was extremely knowledgable and informative about the structure of our property and where we required damp proofing works done. This filled us with confidence to use Prokil to carry out the damp proofing works. The team of two guys Mike and Matt turned up very punctually everyday for 4 days, worked really hard and always cleared up extremely well after themselves. Both were positive and outgoing and were a pleasure to have around and would definitely recommend them.”     



During the investigation, Neil spotted raised ground levels to the rear and part left and right-hand flank of the property, with inadequate drainage.

This led to the internal walls’ inspection of the property, to check for any abnormalities in the plaster. Neil detected high readings on walls in the master bedroom, most likely due to the raised ground level and inadequate drainage spotted on the external walls. 

Following the inspection, Neil submitted his report to Mr. M with the findings, including recommendations for work that would need to be carried out, and a cost breakdown.

Neil stated: “Over time, water runs down and as it does, it collects minerals which become deposited around the Damp Proof Course (DPC) in the wall. The build-up of these deposits is so great it eventually bridges the DPC allowing the rising damp to affect the property internally.” 

Work carried out:


Visible damp patches in the master bedroom with high readings showing on the protimeter. This is how the bedroom was found originally.

Step 1: 

Site preparation: Removed all the skirting boards, contaminated plaster, and rubbish from the wall in the master bedroom.
The floor is covered with plastic to make sure the customer’s carpet is not damaged.

A damp proof course (DPC) was injected into the masonry followed by a tanking slurry mix, which was applied to the wall.

Step 2: 

The treated area was finished with a multi-finish plaster and skirting boards were reinstated, leaving the area ready to be decorated by the customer or others. All rubbish was removed.


Finished result:

After the contaminated area was finally treated, the master bedroom was left clean and tidy and ready to be used. 


For more information about our damp proof course survey and rising damp, please feel free to contact our lovely team. 

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