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Published: 19 December 2022


Ms F, a homeowner in Battersea, approached Prokil with concerns regarding damp near her window, so a damp survey was carried out to provide a report.

Damp survey findings:

penetrating damp battersea home

The property survey was non-intrusive and carried out with the use of search mode and electrical conductance pins, on different types of Protimeter. It was noted that the

 gutter was blocked with vegetation and to the rear of the property, the overflow pipe was also leaking down the wall. 

Decorative spoiling was observed on the right-hand side of the window. Tests were carried out on all accessible internal walls to check for any abnormalities in the plaster. On the affected areas, high moisture readings were detected.

We diagnosed that these readings were most likely caused by penetrating damp.  External defects were allowing moisture and damaging salts to pass through the

 masonry of the building, which was disrupting the decorative finish of the plasterwork. 

Solid wall properties are at greater risk of damp issues than cavity wall properties, as an external defect or issue can soon become an internal one if not rectified in a timely manner.  It was decided that the customer would require damp proof plastering to be undertaken in  the affected area.

Work carried out:

damp plasterwork removal battersea home

Step 1:

Skirting boards were removed and the plaster was chiselled off to the required height. To reduce the risk of damage, all items were removed from the area where works

 were to be carried out. We also ensured floors had sufficient protection and that larger items were covered with dust sheets.

Step 2:

We removed all areas of affected plasterwork down to the masonry.

Step 3:

Once stripped back, the bare wall was treated with an anti-sulphate chemical solution and a specially formulated tanking slurry and render mix was applied.  Remedial plasterwork was carried out at full height on the affected wall, completed with a multi-finish plaster.

damp proof plastering battersea home

Finished result:

The client was left with all affected damp plasterwork removed and a new, smooth and damp-free plaster applied; ready for the next step in the redecoration process. 

We also recommend that the client rectified their blocked guttering as soon as possible, as this could cause potential damp problems again in the future.  

Are you looking for damp treatment services in Battersea? Contact our friendly team for a quote. We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and recommend the best solution for your property. 

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