Cavity Wall Ties in Dorchester

Dorchester Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties are found in most properties across Dorchester. They are metal fixings used to join together the inside and outside walls of your property, and are necessary for strength and structural purposes. While some older properties may not have them, they are essential in all modern builds.

The Dorchester cavity wall ties will be secured within the cement joins of the brickwork during the construction phase and remain a hidden yet vital part of your property’s support structure throughout the life of the building.

Sometimes your cavity wall ties fail. Failure is often caused by the corrosive properties of the water that has found its way into the internal structure of your property. You can often spot if your cavity wall ties are failing if horizontal cracks appear in the external wall. Bulging brickwork is also another way to spot whether your wall ties have snapped.

Cavity wall tie replacement in Dorchester Rusting Wall Ties Bournemouth

Prokil can often replace your cavity wall ties easily, and for a cost-effective price.  One of our professional surveyors will assess the extent of your wall tie damage by drilling a hole and inserting a micro camera into the gap between your walls.  They will then be able to hand you a quote based on the amount of wall ties that we need to replace.

We will ensure that your property contains the standard amount of cavity wall ties per square metre and if required, we can install our propriety remedial tying system.

More information on the culprit of cavity wall tie failure

If water finds its way into the cavity between your internal and outside walls, it can rust your cavity wall ties, which can then weaken and snap.  Sometimes construction companies use sub-standard cement in the walls. This can crack and allow water into the internal structure of your wall, leaving you with damaged wall ties that will need to be replaced.

At Prokil, we replace any damaged wall ties with stainless steel ones, which are incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion. Plus, all our work is guaranteed.


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When you spot signs of cavity wall tie damage, act fast

When you spot the first signs of cavity wall tie damage in your Dorchester property, it’s important that you call our team of experts as soon as possible. As soon as cracks appear, the amount of water filtering through to your internal structure will increase, which in turn will escalate the damage caused by the failing wall ties.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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