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What Disinfection and Sanitisation Services Do We Offer?

Prokil are proud to provide a wide range of disinfection and sanitisation services to meet your individual needs. Our qualified treatment specialists can safely and skilfully sanitise any area including private homes, businesses, public places and more. Our ultimate aim is to minimise disruption whilst creating safe environments using professional and specialist disinfectants.

When you choose our public, home and office sanitation services, you can rest assured that our team of experts adhere to all necessary guidelines and operate in a safe and professional manner. Prokil has trained technicians who work to the highest standard using appropriate PPE to reduce the chance of cross-contamination. We also take care to safely dispose of any waste according to government compliance, ensuring your facility is completely safe to use.

What Chemicals Do We Use For Our Professional Disinfecting Services?

When carrying out our disinfection services, we use sanitising chemicals that have been independently tested and proven to be 99.99% effective in 5 minutes against coronavirus. As well as safely treating coronavirus, our home and office disinfection services can treat against an array of other viruses to maintain the highest standard of hygiene in your facility.

Our sanitation company uses chemicals that conform with European testing standards for the purpose of killing the COVID-19 virus. For more information, please read the Byotrol F429FC Coronavirus Statement. The safety of our staff and customers is paramount, which is why the chemicals we use are water based, PH neutral and odourless. They can be used in kitchens, schools, care homes and other sensitive areas to eliminate coronavirus including COVID-19. Our specialist disinfection services also provide a residual antimicrobial level of protection, which prevents viruses from returning for up to three weeks.

How Do Our Disinfection Services Work?

Our disinfection services at Prokil can be used as a precautionary measure for coronavirus and other viruses. However, our specialist sanitisation services can be carried out even if there is a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus onsite. If this is the case, we can enter your home or building 72 hours after the case is reported. In accordance with government guidance, 72 hours is the required time for the virus on a contaminated surface to remarkably decrease. Should a confirmed case of coronavirus be reported to us, we will take meticulous care when disinfecting ‘high touch’ areas such as kitchen surfaces and door/cupboard handles.

Our team have a wealth of expertise in this field and work professionally at all times to ensure we deliver the safest and most hygienic service as possible. Our experts will enter and carry out the work wearing full PPE, following a risk assessment plan and all necessary safety procedures. Each room and area within your building will be thoroughly disinfected in accordance with guidance from Public Health England. All waste will be treated as clinical waste and appropriately segregated to prevent cross contamination.

For more information about our disinfection company and our professional disinfecting services near you, contact our friendly team at Prokil. Give us a call on 0800 048 9488 or email [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.

Prokil disinfection, sanitising and hygiene spraying
Prokil disinfection, sanitising and hygiene treatment

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