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Where wet rot is concerned, it is imperative that you act quickly. Call Prokil today, for the very best treatment and preventative measures in the fight against wet rot infiltration. Wet rot in your Brighton home is a severe problem that can have seriously negative effects on the structure of your property.

Wet rot fungi, such as Poria Vaillantii, Coniophora Puteana and Phellinus Contiguous thrive in wet or very moist timber. In most cases, wet rot is caused by a water leak or other plumbing or drainage problem causing timber frames to become water logged. If left unchecked, a timber framed home can potentially collapse presenting a significant risk to you and your family.

How can I tell if my Brighton home has been affected by wet rot?

To detect wet rot problems, carefully check the structural timbers around your home for any signs of damp. If you noticed that the floors are starting to move when you walk on them, this could be a sign that the structural integrity of the supporting timber has been affected by wet rot.

In more serious cases of wet rot, water will be released from the affected timber by pressing your finger firmly against it. Unlike dry rot, wet rot isn’t necessarily visible so it is vital that you thoroughly check the timber and if unsure call us at Prokil. It takes as little as two months for the damage to become irreparable, so it’s essential that you act quickly.

Wet rot is easier to detect on untreated and unpainted timbers. On decorated timbers and wooden detailing, cracks can start to show when the timber underneath the paint starts to decompose.

How can Prokil help?

To avoid wet rot problems, performing regular checks is important. Prevention is the best measure and at Prokil, we can suggest ways to protect your home. For instance, we can waterproof the timber in areas of your property that are permanently exposed to damp.

If you have a wet rot problem that is detected early on, it is usually relatively straightforward to deal with. Affected areas are typically small and repairing the leak or drainage problem and replacing the affected timber should take care of your problem.

Before treating your timber with waterproofing, it is important that you solve the cause of your wet rot problem and replace all the affected timber. Our company can also help you in this regard as we provide a complete all-in-one service to tackle a whole range of issues.


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Causes of wet rot

Wet rot can only occur when timber is in direct contact with water or exposed to extremely humid air, which means that in almost all wet rot cases, plumbing or drainage issues are at fault.

If you believe you have wet rot problems, inspect your entire home for any signs of leakage.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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