Condensation & Ventilation in Brighton

Have you discovered condensation in your home? Are you looking for condensation treatment specialists in Brighton? Prokil have over fifty years of experience in providing expert condensation treatment services. Call us today on 01273 258 111 to discuss your issue and we’ll figure out the most appropriate solution.

Our Brighton condensation treatment specialists

Condensation Treatment in BrightonAt Prokil, we guarantee competitively priced solutions for condensation issues at your property. We have over fifty years of industry experience as condensation treatment specialists in Brighton. We offer two efficient ventilation solutions that will help with any condensation issues in your home or business premises.

The first choice is the installation of Passive Air Vents (PAVs) that can expel up to 2.5 litres of water a day. These vents do not require any electricity to operate, and work 24 hours a day. The second option is a Positive Pressure Ventilation System (PPVS) that reduces moisture levels by introducing specially filtered heated air in an effort to decrease the level of humidity and the amount of stale air at your property.

Here at Prokil, we understand how stressful condensation issues can be. We want to ensure that you’re relaxed when you choose us as your condensation treatment specialists in Brighton. We guarantee that we only hire qualified professionals that have received extensive industry training. Every contractor is certified by BWPDA, CSRT, and CTIS.


Condensation in your home

There are three important factors that contribute to condensation in your home. These are the level of moisture in the air, the temperature of the air in your home, and the surface temperature of your windows. A family of four, for example, normally contributes about sixteen pints of water a week. This works out to over a hundred pints of water vapour that has to end up somewhere. Condensation is created by:

  • Showering
  • Drying clothes inside
  • Boiling kettles
  • Taking baths
  • Cooking
  • Breathing

The more moisture there is in the air, the more likely the occurrence of condensation will become. If you’ve noticed condensation in your home in Brighton, condensation treatment specialists Prokil can help you resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Condensation and mould issues are at their height during the winter months. Some common signs that indicate you may require the services of condensation treatment specialists in Brighton are constant moisture on your windows, black or green spots appearing on walls and surfaces, and mould formation on cabinets or furniture. If you’ve noticed any of these in your home, give Prokil a call as soon as possible.


Reasons to choose Prokil as your Brighton condensation treatment specialists

Prokil are the only condensation treatment specialists in Brighton to have created our very own guarantee. The Prokil Guarantee was designed to provide assurance to our clients that the work done at your property will only be carried out by trained industry professionals using the highest quality materials and machinery available.

One of the reasons Prokil is unique is that our work is not carried out on a commission basis. This means that we will not recommend any services that are not required. There will never be any hidden fees or charges and our team members will always be helpful and courteous. Our dedicated approach to customer relations is why we have become the number one condensation treatment specialists Brighton can offer.

Founded by Jim Thorne in the sixties, Prokil has become well known for its fast response time, affordable pricing, and overall professionalism when it comes to our services as condensation treatment specialists in Brighton. We are also very proud of our accreditations – Prokil is Sovereign and TrustMark approved as well as being a member of the Institute of Specialist Surveyor and Engineers, and the Property Care Association.

On top of our condensation treatment specialists in Brighton, Prokil also provide a number of other services such as:



When it comes to condensation treatment specialists, Brighton based Prokil is the number one choice. Feel free to call us on 01273 258 111 if you have any enquiries about our services, or if you’d like a quote for your project. You can also send your request in an e-mail to or contact us via the form on our website.

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