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Does your basement or below-ground structure need waterproofing? Choose Prokil for the best tanking and structural waterproofing Bournemouth offers. We use ‘Type C’ cavity systems as they are the most effective and modern waterproofing systems on the market.

Bournemouth tanking and structural waterproofing

At Prokil, we have provided a complete tanking and structural waterproofing in Bournemouth service for domestic and commercial properties. We only ever use ‘Type C’ cavity systems to waterproof basements and partially below-ground structures – the results of which will create a habitable environment in your property.

‘Type C’ cavity drain systems are more effective than their predecessor the ‘Type A’ systems as it diverts and manages water seepage and penetration. This system has a studded plastic membrane and is secured to your floors and wall. As a result, water will be deflected into a perimeter drain and will be discharged into a drainage point/sump and pump. The drain system has several internal options like free standing dry lined metal frames or a membrane directly applied to the plasterboard.

Traditional systems or ‘Type A’ systems used a mixture of materials and systems to hold back the hydrostatic water pressure. The downside of these ‘Type A’ systems is that they caused issues for properties such as:

  • Extensive damage to property
  • Catastrophic failure of system
  • Build-up of water pressure
  • Created weak points/defects


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Why choose Prokil

With over 50 years of experience, our company has provided a Bournemouth tanking and structural waterproofing service for many properties. Waterproofing your below-ground structure or basement is imperative to the long life of said structures and you will need an experienced professional company like Prokil.

Prior to works beginning on your property, we will send our experienced surveyors to inspect your property. Every surveyor at Prokil has been trained to Certificated Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) Level. We always work to BS 8102:2009 Code of Practice which is the protection of below-ground structures against water that seeps up from the ground. All of our tanking and structural waterproofing Bournemouth installations that comply with the BS 8102 come with a 15 year guarantee for basement waterproofing.

If you do want to convert your basement into living space, plan ahead and review every aspect carefully and call Prokil.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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