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A poorly ventilated property will lead to issues such as mould, damp, condensation, increased humidity and interior climate imbalance within your Bournemouth home. Prokil will combat mould in your property by identifying the cause then treating it as appropriate. If left untreated, this could lead to wet rot or woodworm.

Condensation is when the air with high humidity is changed into water beads or moisture and it is a by-product of poor ventilation. The after-effects of condensation are numerous and will lead to mould, increased heat transfer and corrosion.


Condensation issues

Mould arises when there is a lack of good ventilation and air is unable to circulate within a property. Black or green spots will appear within the woodwork or wall surfaces of your property. The mould may appear behind furniture or behind cabinets.

If a property has high levels of moisture, this will cause a wide array of health problems for inhabitants of your Bournemouth property. The high moisture levels can also lead to an onset of woodworm and issues such as wet or dry rot.

Signs your property has condensation problems

An obvious sign that your property has condensation issues is water droplets throughout your property particularly on areas such as walls and windows. This is caused by moist air reacting with cold surfaces; once the air cools down it will turn into beads of water.

Spotting condensation issues in your Bournemouth property is easy and we suggest that you check corners, walls and windows. If you suspect condensation issues, call Prokil for an effective treatment service.


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Poor ventilation can lead to a series of problems…

…including condensation, damp issues, increased humidity and interior climate imbalance.

There are also various other issues that can be attributed to poor ventilation. For instance, wet rot and woodworm are also caused by moisture levels.

For a survey on your property and information on all our services, please contact us.

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