How To Ensure Good Ventilation

15 Jul How To Ensure Good Ventilation

With winter on the horizon, here are some top tips for ventilating your rooms

Winter is coming, and unfortunately for all home owners that means poorer air quality and the threat of both damp and condensation.

Of all the damping issues winter can bring, condensation is normally at the top of the list. It occurs when warm moist air meets a cold surface, and the most common example of this is on a window.

Condensation is more common in winter becuase the building structure itself is cold, coupled with the fact that people open their windows a lot less in the colder months and moist air is retained inside.

Bathrooms and kitchens are usually the most vulnerable to condensation, as the steamy atmosphere is present for an extended period due to washing or cooking. Occasionaly it can even occur in cupboards or corners of rooms, where moist air has stagnated over time.

Ventilating your property is crucial in avoiding damp and condensation, and unfortunately this is difficult to do in winter. The only sure-fire way of guaranteeing good air circulation and quality is with a mechanical system – electric fans that pull, circulate and expel air.

If your home is relatively air-tight, this is a great bonus in the winter months if you are looking to use a mechanical ventilation system as the air quality within your home will definitely improve.

For those not so fortunate, try to use extractor fans at all times when washing or cooking, keeping a window open and the door closed until the room has dried thoroughly. Also, try to ensure every room in your home is heated in some way – condensation and damp are most commonly found in rooms that are unheated.

If you experience any problems or have any questions about condensation and damp, please call Prokil today.

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