Keep out the wet weather with damp proofing services

05 Dec Keep out the wet weather with damp proofing services

As you probably are fully aware of, wet weather is not exactly a rare occurrence in the UK, especially during winter time.

Wet and cold weather brings with it a number of challenges, one of them being keeping your home free of damp. The increased temperature difference between the outside and inside of your house in winter leads to a higher chance of damp. Damp can cause serious problems to your home such as mould, damaged walls and floorboards and even harm your house’s structural timber.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent damp from entering your house during winter:
•    Ventilation: Make sure that all the rooms in your house are effectively ventilated. You can do this by slightly opening a window in rooms that are in use and installing and using extractor fans in humid areas such as bathroom and kitchen.
•    Heating: Make sure your house is heated all day long. Don’t turn the heat on high in the evening and then off again in the morning, but keep your home at a consistent temperature.
•    Damp Proofing: Installing damp proofing in walls and floors helps control moisture levels in your home. A professional damp proofing service can help ensure that damp doesn’t get inside.

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