Damp Diagnosis and Repair

28 Nov Damp Diagnosis and Repair

Damp is a common problem in UK homes, especially in older ones.

Depending on the source of your damp problem, a different process will need to be followed to get rid of it. The most common types of damp are those caused by condensation, by leaks or broken plumbing and rising damp.

Symptoms of damp may include:
•    Formation of mould on walls or other surfaces around the house.
•    Water or rust stains on walls and wallpaper.
•    A mouldy smell.
•    Formation of salt deposits on walls.

To solve a condensation related damp problem, ventilation throughout your home needs to be improved. Better ventilation will prevent excess condensation and the damp problems that can go along with this.

If the damp is caused by a leaked, blocked pipe or other plumbing defect, fixing the defect should stop your damp problem.

Rising damp is caused by ground water rising higher through walls than it should. This is caused by a failure or bad installation of the waterproof barriers in your walls.

Once the source of your damp problem is fixed, the damage that is already done needs to be repaired. This may mean drying, mould remediation and restoration of walls, floorboards, paint, wallpaper, etc.

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