Effective Drying and Mould Remediation

14 Nov Effective Drying and Mould Remediation

If your home has suffered from a damp problem, it is important that the cause of the damp problem is solved as soon as possible and effective drying and mould remediation (in case mould has formed) is performed.

It is advisable that you hire a professional if you want effective drying to be performed after a damp problem.

The sooner a drying company is hired, the easier the process will be. Using modern drying methods, flooring and other building materials can usually be dried without the need for any demolition (unless the water was contaminated or the company was not contacted soon enough). Professional drying is very affordable, so unless you only have very limited damage from moisture it is best to consult a professional.

Before performing mould remediation, it is important that the source of the mould is addressed. Though sometimes advertised, complete mould removal is impossible. There is always some mould in a home. Professional mould remediation aims to bring mould levels in your home back to normal. How mould removal is performed depends on your specific case, but generally it will involve the following steps:

·         Inspection and assessment of the mould.

·         Mould containment.

·         Air filtration.

·         Mould removal.

·         Cleaning of affected surfaces.

·         Restoration of affected building materials.

Contact us today and we will help you address your mould problems.

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